Entry #2


2009-11-17 02:51:19 by CarnageBlade

If any flash animator is having an idea drought or just to plain lazy to think of any, I would be happy to make a script for you! Just pop me a message and include details (optional), such as a theme. It's the least I can do for the community. :D


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2009-11-17 03:12:55

good idea
you what we should do?
let's make a business together
script makers and/or story writer
we can sell them
and you get most of the money
as long as i get an HTC hero phone
(i'm freaking serious on this one)
awesome avatar btw

CarnageBlade responds:

Yeah sure. Not sure what a HTC hero phone is though. So we both write or do you animate?


2009-12-06 01:14:58

i'm sorry
been busy with school
i can write
and if i would get my computer fixed soon
i could animate
but right now writing stuff is basically all i can do